Questions About the Glutes, Core and Pelvic Floor Workout System

Uncategorized Jun 26, 2018

What exactly comes with the GCPF workout system? 

We designed GCPF to be as comprehensive as possible so you can take on your workouts like a champ. When you log into our system, you will find our introduction and welcome section that provides a walk-through video on how to use GCPF, and a Getting Started Guide. 

Within each module, you will have 4 weekly workouts (2 full body strength, and 1 upper and 1 lower body hypertrophy). Each exercise in the workout has a full video tutorial that goes over every detail so you feel like your coaches are right there with you. The workout section also has a warm-up guide.

In addition, you will receive new videos each month in our education center that go over general anatomy, breathing, posture, mobility, stability, the pelvic floor, and pain issues in the low back, SI joints, glutes-- with tips on how to fix it. 

If that's not enough to entice you- we also offer technique corrections, and tons of bonus interviews with...

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5 Common Breakdowns In Form with Troubleshooting Tips

Uncategorized Jun 26, 2018

5 Common Breakdowns In Form with Troubleshooting Tips

When it comes to achieving most performance, health, and aesthetic oriented goals, performing all of the exercises in your training program with your best form will absolutely make or break your results. Don’t get me wrong, any movement is fantastic, but moving properly and mindfully will best lead you to your desired goals, and will help keep your body feeling good. And if your body doesn’t already feel good, proper movement might just be the tonic your body needs. As I like to say, proper movement is medicine. To be clear, I intentionally said: “your best form” as optimal form varies from person to person, and no two people will look identical while performing the same exercise. That being said, while optimal form does depend on many different factors, there are some common breakdowns in form that should be avoided as they can lead to inferior results and a greater risk of injury.

In this article, I...

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The Story Our Muscles Tell Us When We Listen

Uncategorized Jun 26, 2018

Many muscles help tell us a story about what’s happening at the pelvic floor from the outside, but the glutes, abs, and adductors tell us an especially good story. Let’s take a minute and listen to what these muscles are telling us.

To have a great pelvic floor for a lifetime (no one wants to find themselves shopping for Depends) you need strength in all the muscles surrounding the pelvic floor, not just in the pelvic floor itself.

Now, before we continue looking at clues from the rest of the body, you must first master a great pelvic floor contraction. This means you get a good squeeze and lift and then fully relax, lengthening the pelvic floor muscles. A basic contraction is a must!

Why you must relax to get a good contraction:

I’ve often had patients who try so hard to do their kegels and get their pelvic floor functioning properly, but kegels alone just aren’t working. So now it’s time to look at...

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Life Lessons From Overcoming Injury

Uncategorized Jun 26, 2018

For most of my life, I have always been extremely active, and have always identified as an athlete. I played competitive soccer for 27 years, and when I was a kid I also played ice hockey and baseball on boy’s teams. Being able to move freely and confidently has always been a huge part of my life.

When I was 28 I was in a really bad car accident, and everything changed. I spent over 5 years dealing with severe discomfort, full body issues, and a significant amount of mental, physical, and financial stress. I never thought I’d be able to work out again, or even move properly, and I never expected to get out of pain. I spent over 5 years going from doctor to doctor and did not give up until I finally found somebody who could tell me what was causing all of my symptoms, injuries, and movement deficiencies. 

Despite many low points and moments of extreme doubt, I persevered and discovered a tremendous amount about myself, and I also learned many valuable lessons....

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The Injury That Could Have Devastated My Career

I sat at the table’s edge adorn in those lovely paper shorts supplied by the doctor’s office. My surgeon scrolled back and forth through the MRI, showing me various areas of damage in my knee.

“I don’t know what the heck you did to your knee, but it’s bad. Really bad,” he said as he pointed out my missing ACL (it disintegrated after the tear) and medial meniscus tear that spanned from my medial condyle straight to the middle of my knee.

As he went over surgery options a single thing weighed on my mind. I couldn’t fathom the compounding impact of knee surgery on my life and career at the moment. It was too much to wrap my head around.

“Okay, so you’re saying I shouldn’t do the Spartan Race this weekend?” I blurted out my primary concern as he discussed the difference between my joint repair options.

He looked at me with a deadpan face, crossed his arms and said, “Is it paying your mortgage for the next three...

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8 Common Pitfalls In Workout Programs

Uncategorized Jun 20, 2018

 When it comes to achieving your goals, whether they are performance, health, or aesthetic in nature, make no mistake, your workout program will make or break your results. Following a workout program that is appropriately designed and implemented on a consistent basis is paramount to your success. So many people are putting forth their best effort, yet are being held back as their workout program is flawed in one or many areas.

Here are 8 pitfalls commonly observed in workout programs that are preventing countless people from achieving their unique goals. Ask yourself, is your current workout program leading you to success, or can you relate to some or many of these red flags in program design?

1) Your workout program does not cater to you

In order to produce optimal results, workout programs need to be tailored so they meet individual goals, unique needs, current fitness level, technical ability, and even current level of body awareness. Many workout programs take little to...

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