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Kellie Hart Davis, Meghan Callaway, and Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall, PT are the co-creators of Glutes, Core, and Pelvic Floor. Together they empower people to create positive changes through a better understanding of movement. Their combined coaching expertise teaches you to exercise with confidence while learning to love your body for all it can do for you. 

Our mission and the driving force in what we do is the health of your body. You deserve to move with ease and live pain-free, to understand what your body needs, to get the results you work hard for, and to cultivate a mindset that nurtures your soul. We want your body to work for you - on your terms.

An Idea Was Born

The online world is a mysterious and wonderful place. It’s incredible to connect with people from all walks of life in places you’ve never been. We each found each other online in a different way, and all of us felt instantly connected.

As business women in the health and fitness space, we forged a strong bond that allowed us to share ideas openly, gain insight and perspective from a place of vulnerability, and overcome obstacles we faced as we grew our own personal brands.

Kellie is always filled with big ideas—so much so that people often have to pull her back to reality. One day she contacted Meghan and Sarah with a project that came to her in a dream called Glutes, Core, and Pelvic Floor. She wanted to bring together the strengths of each woman in the group to build an online system that filled the gaps in much of the workout programming they saw on the market.

Her dream soon became a reality when both Meghan and Sarah jumped aboard with an electric eagerness. Not long after that initial phone call did the project come underway, with weekly chats, texts and emails bouncing back and forth, and eventually an in-person retreat in Sonoma, California where the trio bonded over wine, laughter, and good food.

The unique perspective and insight from each of us makes GCPF truly special. We bring to the table a tremendous amount value through our own education and experience and unite over the common belief that all people deserve to have a strong, functional body so they can achieve all that is possible—even if at one time it seemed impossible.  

We couldn't have asked for a better team or experience when bringing GCPF to life. It's an honor to have you as part of our extended online family and we look forward to your personal and physical growth as you learn, challenge yourself, and achieve amazing new feats while working along side us in the program. 


 Kellie Hart Davis

Kellie Hart Davis is a born opportunist and eternal optimist. Arriving to this life in Colorado, she grew up with an insatiable curiosity for adventure. A kid who always needed to know why and never took ‘no’ for an answer, her stubbornness and tenacity has served her well in the online fitness space—where she is able to meld her love of movement with her creativity.

She is the co-author of Strong Curves: A Woman’s Guide To Building A Better Butt and Body, the Founder of Fit Thrive, and has spearheaded many collaborations in the fitness industry. She also works as a freelance writer and has done online consulting work for large fitness platforms.

Above all, she shines brightest through the connections she makes inside the incredible online community of women she’s built over the past five years. The driving force behind who she is and what she does ignites in connecting women all over the world through the bond of physical and emotional fitness.  She creates a safe space for women to open up, feel vulnerable, and grow into vibrant, strong powerhouses—which allows them to strengthen all aspects of life.

She is the mother of two teens (who are wittier, smarter, and taller than she is) residing the Sacramento suburbs. She spends her day nestled inside her home feverishly working on projects with her two officemates: Max and Oliver (lovable mutts).

In her free time, Kellie can be found concocting great ideas and new programs in her gym and her kitchen, laughing and dancing at a local pole studio,  out on the lake with her eight-man competitive rowing team, or on a paddleboard soaking in the sun. She takes full advantage of the California lifestyle with day trips, hiking excursions, and lazy days at the lake.

Kellie has a BA from Florida Gulf Coast University and an MPS From George Washington University. She has been coaching woman since 2012, and sees clients on an individual basis in her small private gym. 

 Meghan Callaway

Meghan Callaway has been a strength coach for 15 years, and her clientele includes the general population, elite athletes, and post physio strengthening referrals. Meghan is also the creator of The Ultimate Pull-Up Program, and her program is currently being followed by over 1000 women and men worldwide.

Meghan is incredibly passionate about helping and showing her clients, and also the people who might follow her, that working out and simply moving is a gift, and should be a joyful and empowering experience that boosts all aspects of overall health and well-being. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, Meghan believes that this is absolutely possible, and is a must.

As a coach, Meghan loves the element of teaching, and believes that so many people do not achieve their goals as they are performing their exercises incorrectly. Or many others are not achieving their goals as they are chasing muscle soreness or fatigue versus making themselves better as this is what they have been led to believe works best. Sometimes the smallest tweak in form makes all the difference in the world, and owning each rep, and being both mentally and physically present is imperative, so Meghan helps her clients adopt this mindset. 

When Meghan was 28, she was in a bad car accident, and this led to over 5 years of severe discomfort, full body issues, and a significant amount of mental, physical, and financial stress. She never thought she’d be able to work out again, or even move properly, and she spent these 5 years going from doctor to doctor until she finally found somebody who could tell her what was causing all of her symptoms and injuries. Despite many low points and moments of doubt, Meghan persevered until she found a solution, and learned a tremendous amount about herself, and lessons, in the process. This was Meghan’s turning point, and truly made her appreciate her health and simply the ability to feel good more than ever.

Meghan has an extensive athletic background and has played competitive soccer for 27 years, and also grew up playing ice hockey and baseball on boys teams. She also spent a lot of her days performing crazy tricks on her rollerblades in skateboard bowls.

She has been an American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer since 2003. Meghan majored in human kinetics at the University of British Columbia, and minored in psychology.


Dr. Sarah Duvall, PT

Sarah Duvall’s love for exercise started with personal training in 1999 when she started working as a personal trainer over the summers as an undergraduate.. She worked as a personal trainer over the summers in undergrad. That work as a trainer continued as she worked her way through Physical Therapy school. After graduating in 2005 with a Master’s degree, Sarah focused on orthopedics and sports therapy. Her expertise lies in solving the difficult problems and she established a thriving out of pocket pay practice in Charleston, SC shortly after graduation.

She views the body as being incredibly resilient and capable of great change and recovery. It just takes finding the right mix of exercises to make that change happen. In 2008 Sarah went back for her Doctorate in Physical Therapy to further her knowledge in the rehab field.

Being a collegiate level athlete for a division 1 school taught Sarah a lot about competing at a very high level and sustaining multiple injuries. Now at the age of 36 and with two children, she feels stronger and in better shape than she did while competing in college. She wants to help inspire other women to realize that being a mom doesn’t mean that you can’t get into the best shape of your life.

Suffering from pelvic floor issues after her first child and being unable to find help through traditional physical therapy, Sarah threw herself into the study of women’s health full time. Her previous experience with over a decade helping those with back and hip pain gave her the foundation to truly understand the pelvic floor and its connections with the kinetic chain.

After seeing the lack of readily available information for new moms recovering from diastasis and pelvic floor issues on the internet, Sarah decided to start on online program to help women all over the world. Currently, the program is seeing lots of success and she has been able to help women find the information they need to make a full recovery and get back to life.

In her unique approach to treating patients, she believes in teaching. Fully understanding every aspect of the body is a necessity to complete healing. She integrates functional movement with cutting edge exercises to bring her clients results.

In addition to having a loving husband and two kids, Sarah is an avid adventure sports athlete. After college, she completed in several triathlons, ran a marathon, and became a sponsored kiteboarder for North. Now that Sarah’s family has relocated to Cambridge, MA, rock climbing has become her primary sport. As Sarah’s passion for adventure sports has grown with age, so has her passion for empowering others to accomplish their goals.



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